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  • - Recipes from the Balkan Peninsula
    by Katarina Nitsou

  • - The Cookbook
    by Jeni Iannetta

  • - Food Stories & Recipes from Female Cyclists
    by Kitty Pemberton-Platt

  • - A Graphic Novel Cookbook

  • - Food & Tales from Ullapool
    by Kirsty Scobie & Fenella Renwick

  • by Ghillie Basan

  • by Dina Begum

  • - A Kiwi in the Cairngorms
    by Kirsten Gilmour

  • by Miss South & Traders Of Brixton Village

  • by Gillian Veal

  • by Melanie McCallum & Domenico Del Priore

  • - A Family History of Cajun Food
    by Sarah Savoy


    Located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, a footstep away from the Cutty Sark, is London's favourite covered market. In 300 years Greenwich Market has gone full circle: from food market to contemporary street food mecca.The Greenwich Market Cookbook brings together recipes from more than 30 traders who cook food from all across the globe: whether it be ramen burgers or ravioli, banh mi or burritos.

  • by Kaylene

    'Home to the most vibrant restaurant scene in London' - Jay Rayner. Brixton Village's unique mix of restaurants, producers and retailers has won widespread acclaim, and the food on offer there spans the globe. In 'Recipes from Brixton Village' Miss South and the traders of Brixton Village plate up over 100 original recipes that capture the flavours of the market. Complete with stockists notes to help you source ingredients and beautiful illustrations by Kaylene Alder, Recipes from Brixton Village is a celebration of one of the most vibrant food scenes in the UK today.

  • by Sarah

    Sarah Savoy is a Louisiana singer and chef with mighty fine credentials. Daughter of legendary musicians Marc and Ann Savoy, she grew up in the heart of Cajun country and learned her culture around the kitchen table. In The Savoy Kitchen she brings together recipes from three generations: from her own fresh take on Gumbo and many other Cajun classics to her father's Courtboillon cooked over an open fire. Part cookbook, part memoir, it's the real deal.

  • by Fraser

    At last, a soup for every week of the year! Packed with 52 mouth-watering recipes, this irresistible collection features everything from winter warmers like Alternative Scotch Broth or Leek, Potato & Roasted Garlic to dinner party dazzlers like Plum Tomato, Orzo and Oregano or Asian Noodle. 100% vegan-friendly recipes, with tips to add dairy or meat according to your preferences. Written by soup-obsessed greengrocer Fraser Reid and road-tested by his loyal but exacting customers, Seasonal Soups will inspire you to make the very best of our wonderful seasonal produce and create exceptionally tasty soups for all occasions. Vegan-friendly24 photo double spreadsHand drawn illustrations Recipes ordered by month for full seasonality

  • by Ghillie

    Spirit & Spice is a portrait of family living and eating in the Scottish Highlands, inspired by Scotland's fabulous produce, wild food and whisky. Ghillie Basan is the award-winning author of over 40 cookbooks. A writer, journalist and broadcaster, she has travelled the world extensively to research different cooking traditions and has unparalleled expertise on the use of spices. But her heart has always been at home in the remote corner of Scotland where she brought up her two children, Yazzie and Zeki. The life they built in the heart of whisky country is an inspiring one. Snowbound in the winter, the school run was done on skis, and the summers were spent adventuring in the hills. Wherever Ghillie travelled to write and research books, the children would go too, on long dusty journeys in Africa or up mountains to remote villages in Asia. And when they returned to Scotland, they would bring the flavours of the world with them. In Spirit & Spice Ghillie delves into the Scottish larder, using her knowledge of spices to shine a new light on local ingredients. She shares her expertise in pickling, preserving, smoking and cooking outside. She opens up whole new worlds of flavour with her food and whisky pairings and can be relied upon to find a dram to go with any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. And most importantly, she traces the stories behind the recipes to paint an inspirational and heartfelt picture of family life in one of the wildest and most beautiful corners of Scotland. Ghillie shares her expertise on: Food pairing with whisky Using spices to enhance and complement different whiskiesWild food & foragingOutdoor cookingPickling and preservingFeeding family and friends

  • by DINA

    Brick Lane is famous for many things: for being home to the biggest Bangladeshi community in the UK, for its curry houses and Bengali sweet shops, for its graffti, its long-running market and its beigel shops. Now, its also increasingly well known for its thriving art and fashion scene and the in- credible street food available there. Dina Begum is East London born and bred, a British Bengali who has been visiting Brick Lane since childhood and has been witness to the many changes in the area. In her frst book, she celebrates the diverse food cultures of Brick Lane: from the homestyle curries she grew up eating to her luscious and indulgent bakes inspired by the many cafes, from Chinese-style burgers to classic Buffalo wings, from smoothie bowls to raw coffee brownies. With contributions from street food traders and restaurants including Beigel Bakes, Blanchette, Chez Elles, St Sugar of London, Cafe 1001 and Moo Cantina, The Brick Lane Cookbook captures Lon- don at its multifaceted, chaotic, crazy best. Dina Begum writes the food blog Syrup & Glaze, and has written for The Telegraph and Metro. She also sells her delicious, Asian-fusion jams and chutneys at markets around London. Photography by Peter Watson (aka Atlas & Boots) and illustration by Want Some Studios.

  • by Kirsten

    Legendary breakfasts to fuel days on the mountain; inventive, zesty salads and indulgent and luxurious cakes - these are all hallmarks of Aviemore's Mountain Cafe. Owner-chef Kirsten Gilmour draws on her Kiwi roots to turn out contemporary dishes with an antipodean love of fresh and bold favours, and in her debut cookbook she shares her secrets and inspirations with you. The Mountain Cafe Cookbook is packed full of Kirsten's irresistible recipes for the best-loved dishes and drinks at her Highland restaurant, alongside others drawn from her grandparents and infuenced by her travels around the world. This is not diffcult, fancy restaurant cooking, but gutsy, fresh, hearty food that will taste just as good from your kitchen as from hers. With vibrant photography by Paul Masson, The Mountain Cafe Cookbook has over 130 recipes including everything from Smoked Fish Chowder, Cider Sage Barbecue Chicken, Sloe Gin & Bramble Salmon Salad and Butternut Chilli & Coconut Fritters to Chocolate & Coconut Brioche, Cardamom Oranges, Badass Brownies and Passionfruit Melting Moments. All delicious and bursting with favour.

  • by Gillian

    The Parlour Cafe has become a Dundee institution thanks to Gillian Veal's feisty, super-fresh cooking. In The Parlour Cafe Cookbook she pulls together her favourite recipes, creating a collection which covers everything from langorous brunch dishes to flavour packed soups, from the cafe's signature salads to some gorgeous sweet things. With a focus on local produce and global flavours, the recipes are easy to cook, easy to eat, and bursting with Parlour flavour.

  • by Fraser

    52 of the best-selling recipes from the soup geniuses at Fraser's Fruit & Veg. From Alternative Scotch Broth to Persian Root & Fruit, this is your seasonal guide and soup bible for simple, healthy and cost-effective meals.

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