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  • - Houses with Horsepower
    by Thomas De Bruyne, Thijs Demeulemeester & Bert Voet

    Lifestyle journalist Thijs Demeulemeester takes you on a trip through some iconic houses and the unique cars that match them in elegance of design and construction

  • - Everything you didn't know about the water of life
    by Fernand Dacquin

    An engaging look at the most interesting facts and surprising anecdotes from the world of whisky, the perfect addition to any collection of books on spirits.

  • - When Plants Meet Architecture
    by Judith Baehner

    Botanical Buildings brings together the greenest, most inspiring architecture projects from all over the world, offering inspiration, surprising images, and practical tips.

  • by Henk Van Rensbergen

    Includes brand new photography as well as the best of Abandoned Places 1, 2, and 3, and The Photographer's Selection.

  • - Tables for All Occasions
    by An Bogaerts

    Table Stories is the ultimate book to create beautiful moments on and around the table, with tips and tricks from 22 international table styling artists.

  • by Olivier Onghena-'t Hooft

    Management book with a philosophical basis: how personal drama can lead to a radical approach on life and work

  • - Interiors by Swimberghe & Verlinde
    by Piet Swimberghe & Jan Verlinde

    A rich source of inspiration for every interior lover with extensive, personal background information. With previously unpublished material, which is also internationally recognised by the quality and versatility of the selected interiors.

  • by Peter Hinssen

    An analysis of the future of business, aimed at those who want to fulfil their potential in this age of disruption.

  • by Erik Verdonck

    A guide to show you around the most beautiful breweries and beer trails in Belgium, including tips for tourists.

  • by Lien De Ruyck

  • by Martijn Storms

  • by Eli Rezkallah

  • by Laura May Todd

  • by Clo Willaerts

  • by Bieke Masselis

  • - Winning is an Attitude. And Hard Work
    by Wout Beel & Deceuninck-Quick-Step

    A behind-the-scenes look the Belgian cycling team Deceuninck - Quick Step (the Wolfpack) during a new and crazy cycling year. Intimate, gripping, glorious, a roller coaster of emotions in words and images.

  • - The World's Creme de la Creme of Raw Milk Cheese
    by Giedo De Snijder & Frederic Van Tricht

    The people and the stories behind a selection of the best 20 international raw milk cheeses. Includes practical flavour profiles and food pairing tips.

  • - Buildings that Blend In
    by Alyn Griffiths

    Hidden Architecture tells the stories of buildings from around the world that are cleverly disguised but still beautifully detailed and outstanding in their execution.

  • - 2nd edition
    by Jorg Snoeck & Pauline Neerman

    A revised and updated edition of an important book about retail trade strategies which addresses the questions of what brands and merchants can do to survive in a new, pandemic and post-pandemic world.

  • - Bending Architecture
    by Agata Toromanoff

    A beautifully illustrated book of the most sensational contemporary buildings built by famous architects from around the world that incorporate curves, waves, and rounded forms into their design.

  • - From music to film to fashion to art
    by Raoul Keil

    Stunning photographs showcase the biggest influencers and celebrities from the London-based Schoen! Magazine, offering a visual explosion of talent in film, music, TV, fashion and art from 2009 to 2020.

  • by Lydia Kamitsis

    A book about the influence of the most famous Brussels-based fashion designers, identifying the people and ideas that set the Brussels and Antwerp fashion worlds apart. Text in English, Dutch and French.

  • - The Revival of Wall Decoration
    by Laura May Todd

    The ultimate wall decoration reference book with step-by-step 'walk-throughs' of a selection of key projects and how-to guidance.

  • - Designs, patterns & motifs
    by Karolien Van Cauwelaert & Karin Van Opstal

    As seen in homes around the world, an inspiring collection of 200 extraordinary carpet designs that revolutionize the way we look at interior space and decoration.

  • - The Search for Meaning and Purpose in Business
    by Jochanan Eynikel

    A thoughtful and practical book on business management that explores the value of investing time and resources in creating a sense of purpose in the workplace.

  • - Dutch and Flemish Art 1350-1750
    by Codart

    A well-illustrated book of the 100 most important works of art from the Netherlands and Flanders pre-1750, chosen by an international roster of museum curators.

  • - How to Win Buyers' Trust in a Turbulent Digital World
    by Jochen Roef, Jozefien De Geyter & Carolien Boom

    A proven business model for selling to any kind of customer while increasing self-esteem and positively influencing the people around you.

  • - P.Lace.S - Looking Through Antwerp Lace
    by Kaat Debo, Frieda Sorber, Tessy Schoenholzer & et al.

    A historical overview of lace made in Europe from 16th century handcrafted pieces to 3D design and laser printing, with a focus on lace made in Flanders.

  • - A New Life in 14 Days
    by Pascale Naessens, Dr. William Cortvriendt & Prof. Hanno Pijl

    Culinary and lifestyle personality and best-selling author Pascale Naessens has created 60 keto-friendly diet recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for a two to three week program that addresses stubborn health concerns.

  • by Pascale Naessens

    Pascale Naessens presents more than 70 new low-carb dishes according to her well-known method. She also examines the ketogenic diet and the similarities with her proposed way of eating.

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