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  • - A Walking Guide
    by Helen Fairbairn

    l show you the way! * Also by this author: 'Northern Ireland: A Walking Guide'. For a complete list of walking guides available from The Collins Press, see www.collinspress.ie

  • - Your Questions Answered
    by Lucy Wolfe

    When it comes to baby sleep, Lucy Wolfe has seen and solved it all. Her gentle stay-and-support approach has helped thousands of people achieve the holy grail of parenthood: a full night's sleep! But even with the best routine things can go awry, so in her second book Lucy addresses the most common problems that interrupt sleep routines.Dealing with a child's first three years and tackling the most common sleep issues, select your problem area and discover solutions and reassurance.Whether you are struggling with short naps, feeding association at bedtime, early rising or navigating interruptions to the usual routine like school pick-ups, day care, sickness and teething, All About the Baby Sleep Solution will get you back on track, providing the support required to ensure everyone gets the sleep they need.'My cousin recommended Lucy Wolfe to me after Theodore had his worst night ever, sleeping just 90 minutes. I started Lucy's routine on a Saturday night and, even with a cold, Theodore has been sleeping through all week. I actually can't believe it! I feel like a new person. Thank you, Lucy.' Vogue Williams

  • - Previously Unpublished Well-known Ghost Stories and Some Lesser-known Tales
    by Padraic O'Farrell

    The ghost story holds a special place in Ireland. It provided the raw material for evenings of storytelling that were a common feature of country life up to the 1950s (and frequently beyond). Unexplained psychic phenomena fascinate people from all walks of life. Many are afraid, ashamed and embarrassed to come forward for fear of not being taken seriously. Of course, we can't prove that ghosts exist, we are in a different realm of consciousness when we talk about ghosts. But however strange or unusual the feelings that people experience, the experiences themselves are nonetheless real.

  • - The inspirational true story of surviving Greece's deadly wildfires, overcoming devastating loss, and discovering a path to renewal
    by Zoe Holohan

    On 23 July 2018, in the seaside town of Mati in Greece, Zoe Holohan and her husband of four days were enjoying the beginning of their honeymoon. Then disaster struck. Unprecedented wildfires swept through the area, killing 102 people. Zoe and Brian fled their villa, chased by the flames, running for their lives. Ultimately Zoe was one of the few survivors from the area, having been miraculously rescued from the boot of a burning car just seconds from death. She suffered severe burns all over her face and body, and her beloved husband Brian lost his life before her eyes.In this remarkable story Zoe reveals the emotional journey of grappling with the loss of her true love and partner, as well as her own incredible fight for survival, learning how to walk, talk and use her limbs again, and a future facing PTSD and a heavily scarred body.As the Smoke Clears is a deeply personal journey through a life-altering year which, at its heart, teaches us to seek hope and happiness in even the most tragic of circumstances, and to find comfort in the enduring kindness of our fellow human beings.

  • by Conor Creighton

    Conor Creighton came out of the womb chewing his fingernails. A chaotic childhood saw his default mode set to 'generally miserable', so he left home at 17, vowing never to return.The ensuing decades of disorder resulted in chronic anxiety. At rock bottom, he signed up for a ten-day silent meditation retreat. It was hell. His legs ached. His butt felt like it was on fire. His mind threw at him a never-ending collage of regrets, wants and realisations. Then, suddenly, for the first time in nearly twenty years, he felt calm as relief and, eventually, joy washed over him.He learned that meditation has just one goal: to recognise that this is it. There is nothing else. No desire to get anywhere or change or improve anything. When Conor stopped trying to get somewhere or 'be someone' and realised that this, and this alone, is it, his anxiety abated, he learned to like himself and he discovered that he might even be happy.By remembering that 'this is it' in uncomfortable times and in comfortable times, your life can become a lot like meditation. In this highly entertaining, refreshingly honest memoir and meditation guide, you'll discover how.

  • - Championship Journey
    by Michael Egan

    Declan Kirby plays for a promising new football club called Smithgreen. They have lots of talent but there are problems beneath the surface. Will their temperamental star player, Dereck, produce the goods when it is really needed?Meanwhile, someone seems to be hatching a secret plan to have the manager replaced, just when they need him the most.Declan also carries a secret wish that his dad will once again come and see him play. Maybe if they make the championship final his dream will come true?Written by teacher and school GAA coach Michael Egan, this exciting series is ideal for GAA-loving children.

  • - Away Days
    by Michael Egan

    Declan Kirby can't believe it when he's selected for the county team to play in the inaugural All-Ireland underage competition. What's more, a few teammates from his home club, Smithgreen, are picked too.Declan and his friends will have to give it everything they've got to make it to the big final in Croke Park. But when they travel to Galway for the tournament, they find out that all is not as it seems Away Days is the second book in the exciting new series written by teacher and school GAA coach Michael Egan.Watch out for Championship Journey, book 1 in the Declan Kirby: GAA Star series.

  • - Discover the unexpected bliss of an alcohol-free life
    by Kate Gunn

    Kate Gunn was a social drinker, usually having a few drinks about three nights a week. But she had an inkling that alcohol was holding her back from getting on top of her life, and the hangovers were getting worse.So when Kate's partner had to take a break from alcohol for a month, she decided to dip her toe in the water in solidarity with him and try being a non-drinker too. Not long into her transformational journey, Kate discovered that breaking free from alcohol improved every single aspect of her life: from relationships to health to work to happiness.In The Accidental Soberista, Kate chronicles the challenges and obstacles on the path to giving herself the greatest gift she has ever received - freedom from alcohol.Whether you're sober-curious or want to remove the final obstacle in the way of your own health and life goals, this could be just the journey for you too.

  • - Learn to love yourself and truly shine in your teens and beyond
    by Tammy Darcy

    The ultimate guide to embracing your individuality, loving yourself and learning to truly shine in your teens and beyond. It's a paradox familiar to many parents: girls are achieving like never before, yet they are consumed with doubt and anxiety on the inside. Girls worry about how they look, what people think, whether to play sports, why they are not getting 'perfect' grades, and how many likes and followers they have online. This positive and empowering guide is designed to help girls find their place in the world and grab life with both hands.Full of practical information on making new friends, staying positive, the online world and ways to take care of yourself, this handbook will boost your child's happiness, self-esteem, positive thinking, mindfulness and resilience.'A powerful, practical must-read for teenage girls in Ireland.' Niamh Fitzpatrick, psychologist and author

  • - Transform fear and self-doubt into serenity, peace and power
    by Fiona Brennan

    Many of us find it easy to love others but do not know how to love ourselves. Do you struggle with the seemingly 'difficult' parts of yourself that lurk in the shadows, often hidden from the world frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, anger? The Self-Love Habit is about learning to bring these parts of yourself out from the darkness and into the light. By loving and paying attention to the rejected aspects of ourselves, we give ourselves the power to transform in ways we never thought possible.Fiona Brennan's four powerful self-love habits LISTEN, OPEN, VALUE, ENERGISE will teach you how to do this. When you truly love yourself, your whole world opens to serenity and your self-imposed limitations fall away.The accompanying hypnotherapy audios will rewire your brain as you sleep and help you to start the day full of loving energy by changing the negative, unconscious habit of living through fear into the positive, conscious habit of living through love.Get ready to transform internal battles into inner peace and external relationships into a source of endless joy as you discover why self-love is the most selfless love of all.

  • - The Magic of Ireland's Native Woodlands
    by Richard Nairn

    Ecologist Richard Nairn has spent a lifetime studying and learning from nature. When an opportunity arose for him to buy a small woodland filled with mature native trees beside a fast-flowing river, he set about understanding all its moods and seasons, discovering its wildlife secrets and learning how to manage it properly.Wildwoods is a fascinating account of his journey over a typical year. Along the way, he uncovers the ancient roles of trees in Irish life, he examines lost skills such as coppicing and he explores new uses of woodlands for forest schools, foraging and rewilding. Ultimately, Wildwoods inspires all of us to pay attention to what nature can teach us.'A book to inspire anyone who wants Ireland to grow more Irish trees.' Michael Viney

  • by Terence Patrick Dolan

    The Dictionary of Hiberno-English is the leading reference book on Hiberno-English the form of English commonly spoken in Ireland. It connects the spoken and the written language, and is a unique national dictionary that bears witness to Irish history, struggles and the creative identities found in Ireland.Reflecting the social, political, religious and financial changes of people's ever-evolving lives, it contains words and expressions not usually seen in a dictionary, such as 'kibosh', 'smithereens', 'Peggy's Leg', 'hames', 'yoke', 'blaa', 'banjax' and 'lubn'. It is a celebration of an irrepressible gift for the creative, expressive and reckless manipulation of the English language!

  • - The Secret Scientist
    by Jason Byrne

    Onion and the gang are at it again. This time they've stumbled across a Russian scientist at an old folks' home, whose crazy experiments are causing all kinds of confusion in Ballinlud.Suddenly there are old people acting strangely all over suburbia, with power cuts and People in Black (PIBs) menacing the locals.Not even The Ferg and Judge, the local guards, can figure it out. It's up to the Five O's to solve the mystery, preferably before dinnertime!This hilarious story from the zany brain of one of Ireland's greatest funnymen is the third accidental adventure for Onion O'Brien and his gang of friends, the Five O's.The third book in the deadly new series from one of Ireland's best-loved comedians.'Anyone who has been a child in Ireland will love this series' Ryan Tubridy'Madcap adventures that will appeal to children with a nose for mischief' Evening Echo

  • - The Definitive Story Behind the Gruesome Murder of Patricia O'Connor
    by Frank Greaney

    In June 2017, a woman picnicking in the Wicklow Mountains stumbled upon something in a ditch that would set in motion a chain of events that horrified the nation. It was the first of fifteen dismembered body parts belonging to retired hospital worker Patricia O'Connor.Kieran Greene, the father of three of Patricia's grandchildren, later handed himself in, confessing to beating her to death in the home they shared in what he said was an act of self-defence. He also confessed to dismembering her and disposing of her remains but later changed his story, implicating several members of Patricia's household, including her husband and daughter.In this nuanced and meticulous account of a deeply disturbing crime, award-winning journalist and Courts Correspondent for Newstalk and Today FM Frank Greaney uncovers the story behind the gruesome murder of Patricia O'Connor, and looks at who Patricia really was through exclusive follow-up interviews with other members of her family.

  • - The Sean Cox Story
    by Martina Cox & Susan Keogh

    'I often get asked about leadership in football, but in "e;real life"e; I can think of no greater example of what a leader is than Sen's wife, Martina. I have followed what she has done for her husband and her family and it has humbled me.' Jurgen Klopp, from the foreword.Life as we know it can change in an instant, in the blink of an eye, and it did for Martina Cox and her family in 2018.On an ordinary day in April that year, Sen Cox travelled to Anfield to watch his beloved Liverpool FC play. But he never made it to the match. A vicious, unprovoked attack left him with a severe brain injury, unable to walk or talk.Here, Martina tells their remarkable story. It is a story of inner strength and determination, of dedication and commitment. By not taking no for an answer, and with the help of their family, their community, the Liverpool spirit and tens of thousands of people across the world who were touched by Sen's story, they have achieved what was thought impossible.With Hope in Your Heart brings Sen's story up to the present day. At its heart, this is a love story the kind of love that conquers all.

  • - My Unexpected Journey to Self-Belief
    by Rory O'Connor & Dermot Crowe

    Nobody thought Rory O'Connor would make it written off as 'thick' at school, he struggled to find a career he felt he could succeed in. When a hot tip led to a win on the horses it was the beginning of a dangerous spiral into a gambling addiction that gnawed away at his self-esteem even further.How did the man who thought he had nothing to live for go on to become a stand-up comedian selling out venues around Ireland and reaching 800,000 people through his social media platforms?This is Rory's Story.Told with his trademark humour, this straight-talking memoir is a book for anyone who wants to be inspired by an ordinary man's mental health journey.

  • - A Journey Through the Place Names of Ireland
    by John Creedon

    John Creedon has always been fascinated by place names, from growing up in Cork City as a young boy to travelling around Ireland making his popular television show. In this brilliant new book, he peels back the layers of meaning of familiar place names to reveal stories about the land of Erin and the people who walked it before us.Travel the highways, byways and boreens of Ireland with John and become absorbed in the place names, such as 'The Cave of the Cats', 'Artichoke Road', 'The Eagle's Nest' and 'Crazy Corner'. All hold clues that help to uncover our past and make sense of that place we call home, feeding both mind and soul along the way.

  • - Fine Gael from Collins to Varadkar
    by Stephen Collins & Ciara Meehan

    When Fine Gael entered a coalition government with Fianna Fil in 2020 the party did what would have been unthinkable for its forefathers, who had fought and won a bitter civil war to establish the institutions of an independent Irish state almost a century earlier. Saving the State is the remarkable story of Fine Gael from its origins in the fraught days of civil war to the political convulsions of 2020.Written by political journalist Stephen Collins and historian Ciara Meehan, Saving the State draws on a wealth of original historical research and a range of interviews with key political figures to chart the evolution of the party through the lens of its successive leaders.From the special place occupied by Michael Collins in the party's pantheon of heroes to the dark era of the Blueshirts, and from its role as the founder of the state to its claim to be the defender of the state, the ways that members perceive their own history is also explored.Saving the State is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding how Fine Gael came to be the party it is today, the ways in which it interprets and presents its own history, and the role that it played in shaping modern Ireland.

  • - Bernard O'Shea is having a mid-life crisis
    by Bernard O'Shea

    Having just turned 40, Bernard O'Shea found himself hurtling towards a mid-life crisis.His waistline expanded, his flexibility abandoned him, his wardrobe was invaded by elasticated beige trousers and sandals what on earth was going on?In his hilarious and often alarmingly honest style, Bernard documents his journey, first fighting it tooth and nail buying into every fad diet and hair-growth pill, even returning to Mass to find faith before recruiting the help of a therapist, some experts in mindfulness, and, as always, the support of his longsuffering wife. Can Bernard navigate this time of his life to come out the other side with his dignity intact? He's about to find out

  • - A Memoir
    by Keelin Shanley

    When Keelin Shanley passed away aged 51, it was hard to grasp that someone so filled with life was gone. But a light so bright never really goes out, especially since in her last few months Keelin left behind this remarkable record of her life a life cut short, but lived to the fullest.Charting the twists and turns of both a career as an investigative journalist and a lengthy battle with cancer, A Light That Never Goes Out reveals with real honesty what it's like to keep living your life whilst dealing with the challenges of cancer treatment.Completed posthumously by Keelin's husband Conor, A Light That Never Goes Out is a remarkable story of courage and resilience and a memorable reflection on how to live well, no matter what you're facing.'Keelin's compelling story is as powerful as the woman she was.' Liz Nugent'This is such a beautiful book. It's oddly uplifting to read, even though at times I was jack-knived with sorrow. Keelin the most remarkable person - her positivity, her grace, her gratitude for her life would recalibrate anyone's attitude. A life-affirming read that will make every reader grateful for the people they love.' Marian Keyes'A stunning memoir courageous, searingly honest, moving, funny, an incredible life story beautifully told.' Miriam O'Callaghan'A beautiful love story, a behind-the-scenes career exposition and a candid telling of what it is like to live with, and die from, cancer. Heartbreakingly honest and heartachingly inspirational.' Caitriona Perry, RT Six One News Co-Presenter and Author'I found myself moved again and again by how simply and truthfully Keelin talks about the experience of dying and I am in awe of the immense courage she showed in her final months. A book which might have been bleak instead breathes with love for her work, her colleagues, her friends and above all, her family.' Lenny Abrahamson, Director Normal People, Room'A memoir that weaves the heart-breaking story of Keelin's terminal illness with joyous, insightful and frequently funny accounts from her life and career. A testament to the ultimate triumph of her unconquerable spirit.' Bryan Dobson

  • - The Secret to Overcoming the Pressures of Perfection and Finding Health and Happiness
    by Amanda Byram

    A phenomenal book full of wisdom, practical advice and humour to change your life for the better.'FEARNE COTTON Broadcaster, bestselling author and mental health champion'What a personal, thorough and beautiful book from an energetic and insightful writer. Very accessible and funny.' RUSSELL BRAND Author, broadcaster, actor, podcaster, columnist and mental health & drug rehabilitation activist At 47, Amanda Byram is in the shape of her life, both mentally and physically. But for over two decades she was trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and self-criticism, convinced that unless she was 'perfect' she wouldn't be happy or worthy. By the time she reached her fortieth birthday, she was exhausted ... something had to change.The Switch is a distillation of all the simple and life-changing techniques, tips and tricks she used to get herself off the 'perfection treadmill' once and for all. She shares how to silence the critical internal voices that hold us back, and how to ditch diets for good and eat and exercise in a way that will give you power, not problems.Switch to a balanced lifestyle where food, fitness, family, friends and self-care are all in sync and discover the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.'Amanda is a master of emotional reinvention. Using her own experiences and Switch method she has helped, guided and supported both those very close to her and those she has never even met. Amanda has never been afraid to break down the stigmas of mental health, using her generosity, honesty and wit.' Gok Wan Broadcaster and mental health ambassador'The Switch is a powerful reminder that being kind to yourself is the first step toward improving your health, both mental and physical. Thorough, thought-provoking, and immensely helpful for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life not just their body. I loved it!' Sarah Knight Bestselling author of the No F*cks Given Guides'For anyone serious about making the switch to a healthier mind and body, this book is an absolute gem. It's packed full of wisdom, insight and clinically evidenced guidance. Definitely a lifetime companion.' Owen O'Kane Bestselling self-help author and psychotherapist

  • by Ellen Coyne

    'This isn't a Catholic country anymore,' someone proudly declared in a pub where Ellen Coyne was sitting.Ellen had left the Church long ago, like many her age. But she had never stopped talking to God. Now, about to turn 30, she realised she wasn't quite ready for this declaration to be true.Abandoning the Church had been an act of protest. However, Ellen began to wonder: who had really lost the most? Why should those who damaged the Church get to keep all its good bits, like the rituals, the community, a guide for living a better life and the comfort of believing it's not the end when somebody dies?But how could she ally herself to an institution she doesn't entirely agree with? In her first book, a stunningly thoughtful and intelligent debut, Ellen Coyne tries to figure out how much she really wants to go back to the Church, and if it is even the right thing to do.'Get ready this is going to inspire a thousand conversations across Ireland about the role of the Church in our society and our future' Louise O'Neill'I flew through this on a "e;will she, won't she?"e; knife-edge, all the while questioning my own attitude to faith and spirituality' Emer McLysaght'Sings with sincerity this is the book the church doesn't know it needs for its own survival' Justine McCarthy

  • - A scientist's guide to the biggest challenges facing our species today
    by Luke O'Neill

    In this fascinating and thought-provoking book, Ireland's favourite scientist Professor Luke O'Neill grapples with life's biggest questions and tells us what science has to say about them:DO WE HAVE CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES?CAN WE ESCAPE WORKING IN BULLSH*T JOBS?MUST WE VACCINATE?ARE MEN'S AND WOMEN'S BRAINS DIFFERENT?WILL WE DESTROY THE PLANET?As he covers topics such as global pandemics, addiction and euthanasia, Luke's trademark easy wit and clever pop-culture references deconstruct the science to make complex questions accessible. Arriving at science's definitive answers to some of the most controversial issues human beings have to contend with, Never Mind the B#ll*cks, Here's the Science is a celebration of science and hard facts in a time of fake news and sometimes unhelpful groupthink.

  • - Lost Words of the Irish Landscape
    by Manchan Magan

    The Irish language has thirty-two words for field. Among them are:Geamhar a field of corn-grassTuar a field for cattle at nightReidhlen a field for games or dancingCathairn a field with a fairy-dwelling in itThe richness of a language closely tied to the natural landscape offered our ancestors a more magical way of seeing the world. Before we cast old words aside, let us consider the sublime beauty and profound oddness of the ancient tongue that has been spoken on this island for almost 3,000 years.In Thirty-Two Words for Field, Manchn Magan meditates on these words and the nuances of a way of life that is disappearing with them.

  • - The spectacular rise and fall of Steorn, one of the Celtic Tiger's most audacious start-ups
    by Barry J Whyte

    In 2006, a previously unknown Irish technology company by the name of Steorn created headlines globally when it took out a full-page ad in The Economist, in which it claimed to have made the scientific breakthrough of this or any other century: perpetual motion, nothing less than a complete and immediate solution to the global energy crisis.The investment money poured in, with some of Ireland's most respected entrepreneurs and institutions getting on board, but the demonstration of their perpetual-motion machine was a spectacular failure.So how did so many well-meaning and otherwise sensible people get things so desperately, absurdly wrong? The story begins with a malfunctioning CCTV system and ends with an exploding battery, and it drives home Ireland's frenzied state of mind during the Celtic Tiger years.

  • - A true story of surviving the worst and discovering the magic of every day
    by Brian Pennie

    How would you live differently if life gave you a second chance?Brian Pennie shouldn't be alive today. His drug addiction was so bad that he was deemed too much of a risk for detox. Determined to confront his demons, he went cold turkey at home. Discovered in a pool of blood, it didn't exactly go to plan, but that's where his life truly began.On 8 October 2013, he was finally clean after fifteen years of chronic heroin addiction, and something extraordinary happened: the world suddenly became beautiful.Free of the anxiety and fear that had always plagued him, Brian was given a second chance at life, and he devoured every minute of it. Bit by bit he rebuilt his world and began to share what he had learned with others.In this incredibly honest and inspirational book, Brian tells the story of how he turned a seemingly hopeless existence into a rich and rewarding life, showing that change is always possible, no matter how stuck we feel.

  • - A Psychologist's Personal Story of Loss, Grief and Finding Hope
    by Niamh Fitzpatrick

    In March 2017, Niamh Fitzpatrick's life fell apart overnight.Her beloved sister Dara was killed in a helicopter crash. Soon afterwards, Niamh's marriage disintegrated, and she feared she would lose her house. Life as she knew it had ended and the loss she suffered was staggering.A psychologist for many years, Niamh's job was to guide clients through the worst times in their lives. Drawing on everything she learned, first to survive and then, in time, to begin to thrive, Tell Me the Truth about Loss is a psychologist's journey through loss, grief and the worst of times, while finding hope along the way. A beautiful book for when life isn't what you expect it to be.

  • by John Grenham

    With online access to records making it easy for most people of Irish origin to trace their family background, there has never been a better time to research your Irish family history. This guide contains everything you need to know to speed up the process, making sense of the deluge of online material and guiding you towards records and methods you may not have known existed.This 5th edition of John Grenham's bestselling and seminal text is expanded, updated and indexed to make it easier to use than ever before. As well as guides to new developments online and in DNA testing, find out where to start if you're a beginner and to how to access and understand registry office records, census records, church and property records, and county-by-county source lists.It is an essential part of any Irish family history project.'John Grenham has written a multi-purpose book which can be used by the absolute beginner, the keen amateur and the more experienced genealogist.' The Irish Times

  • - One Girl's Search For Meaning
    by Daniella Moyles

    It's a dark, rainy afternoon on Dublin's jammed M50. The rain is hammering on the windscreen of Daniella Moyles' car. She is 29, a highly successful radio presenter, model and influencer, but she can't stop the panic building in her head and chest. The internal state that she has been trying to ignore is finally spilling over into something undeniably physical. She is petrified. She looks to her boyfriend and says, 'I don't know who or where I am.'The next day, Daniella quit her job and set out on a new path, backpacking around the world for two years.Jump is a memoir about growing up, burning out, bad decisions, reckless adventures, love and loss.It's about what happens when you let go of everything you think you need and are confronted by who you really are and how on the other side of this confrontation lie true contentment, strength and authenticity.

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